After ten years of working in fantasy game design and web development, G.P. Charles traded in computer programming for fiction writing and joyfully escaped the nightmare of missing semicolons and infinite loops. Now, instead of daydreaming about throwing the computer out the window, every day is an adventure in magical worlds, political intrigue, and occasional space travel.

When not writing, downtime is spent at home on the farm, raising horses, chickens, and two boys who are too intelligent for their own good but are a constant source of joy. G.P. has a passion for history, which often influences stories and world development, as well as an overall love for reading anything with words--yes, cereal boxes included. Other hobbies include still tinkering with computer programs, soccer, and all things outdoors. Connecting with fans is particularly enjoyable -- reach out anytime!

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Fair Play - a short story in the Galactic Games anthology

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